European Paper Wasps can be very aggressive and often build their paper nests around homes including in trees, under decks and under soffits.

Yellow Jackets are very aggressive and their nests double in size every 10-12 days.  They can be found in the ground, paper nests or in your house.  If they are found in your house they are capable of eating through drywall (typically a crackling noise) to expand their nest.

Whether your stinging insect problem is in the ground, around or in your house we can remove or exterminate them.

Honey Bees are less aggressive and are found in hollow trees or in your home.  Honey bees are important to the ecosytem, and because of this whenever possible we will MOVE them rather than exterminate.

Bald Faced Hornets are very aggressive and are typically found in trees or around the house.  

Carpenter Bees are unique in that only the males are aggressive yet are unable to sting, only the females can sting and will only do so if threatened.  They make holes in wood (usually cedar) in the spring and early summer.

Bumble Bees are less aggressive and are typically found in the ground or under porches and decks.


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